Malverne Historical Society
The Malverne Historical & Preservation Society held its first meeting on
October 27, l986. Mayor Louis Cocchi swore in its first officers:  
President - Keith Rossein, 1st Vice President - Richard Gumo,
2nd Vice-President Peg Paone, Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Hunt,
Recording Secretary - Helen Driscoll, Treasurer - Patricia Gumo,
and Historian - Anne Marcus.

The first year was spent developing a constitution and bylaws. On
January 21, l987, the Society was granted its provisional Charter under
the New York State Education Commission.

The Society’s main purposes are to obtain, organize, preserve, display,
and make available to the public, all historical information and artifacts
pertaining to Malverne and surrounding areas. In addition, the Society
endeavors to preserve, whenever possible, older structures and
landmarks within the membership perimeters, and to promote the
identity of Malverne as a community.
Contact the President:
Malverne Village Historian Robert Powers
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Historical Society President's Goodbye
As some of you have heard I will be stepping down as President of the
Historical Society when my term is up this coming June. So far I have
served 8 years as a board member, 7 years as President.  

I would like to publicly thank the residents of Malverne, HS members,
volunteers and the board members that served with me these past 8 years. I
would also like to thank the Other Civic organization as well as the Village
Board and Village Family. Together we have continued to build on the past
accomplishments of the Historical Society and the village.  

The Historical Society has received numerous monetary donations as well
as donations of artifacts, documents and stories of Malverne's past. We
have hosted programs and gave tours of the Joseph L. Landers Memorial
Restoration bringing awareness and education of Malverne’s past to
students, scouts, new and current residents.

With these donations, society membership, village funding and our
programs we have continued to raise make the Joseph L. Landers Memorial
Restoration a symbol of the Malverne Historical Society and Malverne’s
past for future Malvernites can visit and explore.

As you know and have attended, some of our programs this past year
consisted of: Dancing with the Malverne Stars,  A Teddy Bear Tea for
children, an historical dinner, two Trash & Treasure Sales, BBQ and of
course The Gala. I am proud to say that this year’s Holiday Gala was a
great success as we kicked off the holiday season.

The Historical house has also been utilized as a local village meeting place.
We hosted the Malverne Photography Club, Courageous Cats an adoption
program for animals, Malverne Theatre Company, Mothers of Malverne and
supported the Civic Association’s Wine Tasting and Malverne Mel’s
breakfast, and other activities in the Village.

I have enjoyed meeting so many of our elder Malvernites who have shared
their stories with me so that I would be able to pass along to others and
bring a piece of Malverne’s history back to life.

I would like to continue to be a board after my term as president is done it
is now time for someone else lead the way. I pass on the presidency with
pride of our accomplishments and know that future boards will do as well
as we have done today.

In closing I would like to  acknowledge Patty Murphy who sold me my
house and gave me two tickets to the gala and told me we better go. To
Michael Delahanty who recruited me as a board member and stepped down
as President to let me fill his shoes and host of the Yearly Holiday Gala.  

Have a very Happy New Year and See you around town...